15 Jun 2018

Defence Minister makes first visit to Joint Forces Command

The Minister for Defence Procurement, Guto Bebb, visited Joint Forces Command (JFC) to meet with General Sir Chris Deverell,Commander JFC, and staff.

This was the minister’s first visit to Joint Forces Command since starting in his role five months ago. During his visit, the minister heard about the important contribution that JFC makes towards defence and how it works with the single services.

The minister was briefed on the role that JFC plays in driving defence innovation, especially through work being carried out by the jHub.

The minister held a meeting with military and civilian staff based at the Northwood site and took the opportunity to praise the work undertaken across JFC, especially around integration, commenting that JFC is the glue that brings the whole of defence together.

Referencing recent humanitarian efforts undertaken by the UK armed forces such as after Hurricane Irma, the minister congratulated JFC on helping coordinate the UK response. He expanded further, confirming one of JFC’s key roles is to ensure strong integration and co-ordination. He also shared that JFC is an important enabler within defence when it comes to working with our international partners.

Finally, Mr Bebb opened a discussion with members of the audience, covering subjects including the growing importance of space to UK defence and the need through Modernising Defence Programme for defence to deliver in an increasingly agile manner.

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