31 Oct 2017

Cranfield University to collaborate with US equivalent

Cranfield University is partnering with Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and the George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security to share defence and security knowledge and expertise.

The Memorandum of Understanding extends to research and methods of teaching and learning that advance the 21st century security agenda.

A raft of joint research initiatives are planned as part of the agreement, including the exchange of academic and research staff, the preparation of joint research submissions, the assembling of collaborative research teams, and the collection and sharing of research data.

Opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctoral positions – specifically those that facilitate research across the two universities – will also be explored, and plans are in place to organise joint seminars, conferences and academic meetings, alongside student exchanges.

According to Dr Simon Harwood, Director of Cranfield Defence and Security: “The challenges facing governments, security services and armed forces in their efforts to protect citizens, businesses, infrastructure and public services have never been so complex or immediate. The resilience of individuals, communities and nations is being tested as never before.

“This agreement draws on the specialist skills at Cranfield and Northeastern that now form an essential component of our security against the many current and future threats we face.”

Dr Craig Gruber, Director of Intelligence and Security Programs at Northeastern, added: “The need for an integrated approach to Security, Intelligence and Resilience (SIR) education and research has never been greater. The partnership with one of the UK’s leading institutions in this domain places both institutions as a global locus for excellence in SIR education and research which will be a force multiplier as we face the threats of the future.”

The agreement also proposes enterprise level engagement between Cranfield, Northeastern and industry partners for the creation and delivery of graduate degree programmes focusing on security and resilience.

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