Contracts during COVID-19

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, the public sector clearly has ongoing requirements for a vast range of goods and services, all of which offer opportunities to suppliers of all sizes.

Our parent company, BiP Solutions, has been releasing regular market updates throughout the pandemic, giving suppliers details of contracts being published during this time. We highlight some of the key statistics from these reports below.


Defence update

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the whole of society, public procurement included. That said, the latest market update from procurement experts, BiP Solutions remains positive, stating that:

“The public sector continues to have procurement concerns beyond the pandemic and is focused on procuring all that is needed to keep society running smoothly.”

BiP Solutions have revealed that the defence sector published 41 contract notices in the week commencing 18 May. The 35 distinct contract notices analysed had a total value of just over £573.67 million, an increase of 138.53% compared to the week previous, £240.5 million.

A significant proportion of that spend (£400 million) came from a single contract notice, for End User Support services, one of the four streams of a programme called MODNET EVOLVE.

Defence Digital Commercial states in the notice that it “intends that by procuring EUS as a discrete product it will enable the widest possible range of Applicants to respond, with specialist skills in delivering EUS Services. This will also present the opportunity for the Authority to embrace new and innovative products, services and delivery methods.

This is an example of the MOD’s commitment to open its procurement to new suppliers, particularly SMEs, and to encourage innovation. This commitment makes the MOD an attractive customer for businesses of all sizes, whether traditionally involved in defence or seeking to break into a new market.


Opportunities with the wider public sector

BiP Solutions reported that in the same week central government published 84 contract notices. Of the 84 distinct notices analysed, 11 (13.09%) were COVID-19 related.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, new OJEU Framework Notices are still being published. One of the most valuable in May 2020 was a £500 million framework for Fire Safety Installation, Service and Maintenance Works issued by Procurement for Housing.

While framework agreements make up a relatively small proportion of contract opportunities published, they are very influential. Not only are they often very valuable – sometimes their total value is estimated in the billions of pounds – but they offer opportunities to multiple suppliers to win places on the framework and, with that, potential work for several years. Frameworks are also an ideal way for new suppliers and SMEs to bring themselves to the attention of public sector buyers.


Expand your opportunities with DCI

Winning a place on a framework agreement can provide suppliers with a steady stream of work over several years, as well as helping them to build relationships with buyers.

DCI can support your business to find new framework contracts and explore active agreements to gain key insight to help with business growth and competitor strategies.

Our team is investing heavily to ensure that the latest opportunities are not only delivered straight to your inbox but that you are equipped with the very latest in market intelligence.

This will enable you to maintain and grow your pipeline in a market where opportunities are huge.

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