11 Jul 2019

Bioprocessing solutions fund launched by DASA

DASA has created a competition to find new bioprocessing innovations to make recycling easier for the armed forces.

DASA is looking for innovative energy powered bioprocessing systems. Bioprocessing involves waste including oil and fuel being broken down with the use of microbes so that the byproducts can be turned into reusable products.

Currently, the MOD employs waste management contractors across all organisations which can be expensive. This creates the opportunity for new systems to save the MOD money.

The £1.35million fund from DASA will be awarded to prototypes that allow the MOD to recycle waste on-site. The first phase of the competitions will award a share of £1million between three to five ideas.

The competition will be open to anyone from across the supply base including academics, large companies, and SMEs. Entrants do not have to have worked for the MOD before to qualify.

The second phase of the competition will include the funding of permanent systems for military bases and portable products for missions and exercises. The first phase of the competition is expected to run from September this year until October.

Entrants will be expected to address either the energy powering bioprocessing, the microbes used, or the capture of byproducts to be reused. To help understand the problem space and to facilitate opportunities for collaboration, an event will be held at RAF Brize Norton on 25 September 2019 and interested organisations can sign up here.

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