12 Jun 2017

Aircraft Apron and Airfield Site Improvements

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Aircraft Apron and Airfield Site Improvements

Department of the Army

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803 Front Street Norfolk VA 23510-1096

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Paula M. Beck, Contracting Officer, Phone 7572017026, Email paula.m.beck@usace.army.mil – Marc H. Nguyen, Contracting Officer, Phone 7572017839, Email marc.h.nguyen@usace.army.mil


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Contract Description:

This is a sources sought notice only; it is not a request for competitive proposals. There are no solicitations, specifications, and/or drawings available at this time. This Sources Sought Notice is for informational purposes only to determine the interest, and availability, of potential qualified contractors. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any cost incurred in preparation of a response to this notice. The Government intends to use responses to this sources sought to make appropriate acquisition decisions for the project. NO AWARD will be made from this sources sought notice.

All interested firms should respond to this notice.

Project Description:

Aircraft Apron and Airfield Improvements project will relocate existing training facilities, construct all site infrastructure, entry control point, airfield pavements, Central Electrical Plants, ancillary supporting facilities and improve access road. Project will relocate existing training facilities and construction of new standard design urban assault course and covered bleacher in alternate location. Airfield pavements include taxiways, approximately 450 feet long taxiway bridge, taxiway lighting with controls, aircraft parking apron, and access apron. The new taxiway bridge will connect the project site to the existing operational runway. The supporting facilities include an entry control facility, aircraft ground support equipment storage, vehicle storage and covered parking, supporting facility Central Electrical Plant buildings and Fire Pump house and water storage tanks. Entry control facility includes entry control guard station. Access road improvement will ensure tractor trailer access to the project site following construction. Sustainability & energy measures and building information systems are included. Supporting facilities include electric service; water, sewer, and gas; paving, walks, curbs, and gutters; storm drainage; site improvements; information systems; anti-terrorism measures and perimeter security fence; and emergency generators. The project site is remote, requiring long utility runs, surrounded by wetlands and has a stormwater management requirements, which contribute to unusually high supporting facilities cost. The end result will provide unit with a new 354,000SF aviation complex facility on approximately 45 acres currently used for aircraft sling load training.

This is a remote site location, vicinity and impact to wetlands, and site security restrictions, there are construction equipment limits due to project site in vicinity of airfield, noise limitation, limited laydown area, and other limitations

Construction duration is expected to be twenty-two (22) months.

The work performed under this project will tie directly into other anticipated follow on projects to be awarded separately, this includes construction of aviation hangars, aviation shops, admin space, and unit operations building type facilities. There will be a separate source sought for follow on projects.

Construction duration of this project is likely to have some overlap with other future construction project, of a different contract, within the same project site. This project will require coordination efforts with other contractors performing construction on future contracts.

The project site is an undisclosed location within the Norfolk District Area of Responsibility.

The Contracting Officer has classified this requirement as Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction – North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 237310. The small business size standard is $36.5 million.
The order of magnitude for this effort is estimated between $25,000,000.00 and $100,000,000.00. Contractors will be required to submit bonding documents prior to award. Bonding documents are not required for this source sought.

Government anticipate soliciting under source selection procedures in accordance with FAR Part 15, using BVTO – Best Value Trade Off.

Small Businesses are reminded under FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting that they must perform [at least 15% of the cost of the contract, not including the cost of materials, with their own employees for general construction-type procurement. Large Businesses must comply with the FAR 52.219-9 by submitting a Small Business Subcontracting Plan should this action be solicited as Full and Open Competition and an award is made to a large business firm

Should the acquisition be set-aside for the 8(a) program, 8(a) firms are reminded they need to have a bona-fide office in the geographical area of consideration where the work is to be performed as determined by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Prior Government contract work is not required for submitting a response to this sources sought synopsis. However, all construction performance must be in compliance with the USACE Safety and Health Requirements Manual, (EM 385-1-1, and must also comply with all Federal, State and local laws, ordinances, codes and/or regulations.

Since this notice is being used to assess the extent of Firms capable of fulfilling the government’s requirements, this Agency requests that interested contractors complete the following questions to assist the government in its efforts:

Interested contractors shall submit the following:
1. Company name, address, phone number and point-of-contact.
2. Please submit your cage code and DUNS number. Contractors responding to this sources sought are not required to be a small business. Specify if your business status qualifies as a qualified Small Business (SB), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Service Disabled Veteran Owned SB (SDVOSB), Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones), Qualified Section 8(a) or Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB). Contractors must be registered in SAM at time of contract award. Please see
3. Provide a write up of your company’s capability to manage the construction of this magnitude and complexity within 10 years on past experience and how you would manage the construction of this project on the site to minimize airfield operation impacts during construction and wetlands mitigation. Indicate the primary nature of your business and capability to execute project professionally. Due to the remote site location, vicinity and impact to wetlands, and military base security restrictions, there are construction equipment limits due to project site in vicinity of airfield, noise limitation, limited laydown area, and other limitations.
4. Provide at least three (3) examples of projects similar size/scope described in the project description above, within the past ten (10) years. Please demonstrate experience in the type of work at the similar contract value, in a similar type of construction near airfield runway (aircraft apron, bridge construction over wetlands or marshes, and Utility Plants). In addition, please provide recommendation on what would be a reasonable time (number of years of experience) to assess experience qualification.
5. If large business is submitting, please provide a statement with an estimate on how much the total contract value (percentage) should be set aside for small business and type of work to be performed.
6. Firm’s Bonding Capability (construction bonding level per contract expressed in dollars) via letter from bonding company

Since this is a Sources Sought announcement only, no evaluation letters and/or results will be issued to the respondents. No solicitation exists and solicitation requests will not be acknowledged. USACE Norfolk District is not seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals, and will not accept telephone inquiries. All questions and correspondence shall be directed via email to Jonathan Parrish at jonathan.l.parrish@usace.army.mil. No reimbursement will be made to any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement.

Submit response via email to jonathan.l.parrish@usace.army.mil with copy furnished to marc.h.nguyen@usace.army.mil with the subject including the Source Sought No. W91236-17-R-0001. Capability package must be submitted no later than on or before 3:00 PM EST, Wednesday, June 19, 2017. Limit capability briefing package to 10 pages. Email is the preferred method when receiving responses to this synopsis

This sources sought should not be construed in any manner to be an obligation of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District to issue a contract, or result in any claim for reimbursement of costs for any effort you expend responding to this request.


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