A closer look at the security tenders market

DCI is a market-leading business intelligence solution designed to improve the defence and security procurement capabilities of businesses across the globe. DCI offers potential suppliers the opportunity to win security tenders across the entire security scope, including cyber security as well as physical security.

The market for security tenders is as diverse as it is lucrative. The tender opportunities available encompass a huge spectrum, from CCTV systems and fire alarms to military equipment and event security services. Discover the type of security tenders your organisation can win in this evolving market.

The ever-changing landscape of cyber security

In recent months, news headlines have been filled with the persistent cyber security threat to businesses of all sizes, across all sectors. According to the latest statistics published in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 (investigated in winter 2018) each breach costs businesses an average of £4,180 and charities an average of £9,470. This is a damaging sum for all businesses, especially as it comes on top of the reputational damage caused by a breach, but it is particularly damaging for SMEs which are relied upon to drive the UK economy. SMEs play an integral role in successful and innovative procurement, and the impact of security damage on these organisations will be felt far more widely than is perhaps realised.

Cyber security breaches across the globe have been able to thrive within the growing space of intelligent technology and computing systems, leaving huge amounts of sensitive data and information at risk. The implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 has meant many businesses have improved their cyber security. However, the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 showed that the businesses reporting breaches are typically experiencing more of them than ever before. It is in the best interests of all businesses across all sectors to improve their cyber security for the economies around the world to thrive. Plus, it is worth noting if your organisation wants to win security contracts with the MOD or other government organisations, protection from basic cyber attacks using the accredited Cyber Essentials scheme is a requirement.

Overall, there is great opportunity for organisations looking to grow business in the cyber security sector and DCI publishes security tender opportunities in this field every day.

Don’t forget about physical security

With the focus on cyber security, the need for physical security has been overshadowed. In the current political and social climate, it is essential that businesses foresee potential risks and maintain physical security where necessary.

Security and counter-terrorism tenders are issued by bodies from a variety of sectors, including the Police and Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services, Border Security and other Government organisations, as well as the major events run in the public and private sector. In the UK Government’s Spending Round in September 2019, announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, security was a key area of growth. Among other measures, £100 million was set aside to increase security in prisons through the introduction of more airport-style security scanners, mobile phone detection and prevention technology, as well as anti-corruption and intelligence operations.

The opportunities mean that a variety of security tenders available, with opportunities to be won across the UK and internationally.

How to win security tenders in the UK and internationally

Security tenders are not limited to a specific size or type of organisation. Both cyber security tenders and physical security tenders can be won by anyone with the support of DCI’s business intelligence solution, a great chance for suppliers to thrive in this market.

Save time and resource when searching for security tenders and use DCI’s Contract Alerts tool. We publish more than 38,000 global tenders a year. Our tool filters these based on your criteria and sends you only tenders relevant to your business, all of which you can access from a web-based application wherever you are in the world.

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