07 Jul 2011

World’s most amazing military technology: part 5

Part five of five…

No. 5 Solar packs for soldiers

The sun has got his pack on, hiphiphip hooray! Top UK scientists have developed a solar power pack which will lighten the load soldiers have to carry by a massive 50%.

The pack contains a highly efficient lithium battery which harvests the sun’s energy and will increase the mobility and freedom of movement of soldiers.

The use of solar power for the new batteries also ends the need for soldiers to stop and recharge. The packs have another advantage in that they are harder to spot with infra-red viewers.

While all of the above are real, successful developments in military history, not all ideas have been so successful…

Some of the worst failures in military history include:

The German one-wheel tank

The scooter-mounted cannon

And finally … The Russian Tsar Tank