How to win Security and Counter-Terrorism Tenders


Are you failing to win the security tenders that would boost the revenue and reputation of your business? If so, there are several ways you can improve your chances of winning security and terrorism tenders.

Before you get started with security contracts you must evaluate your own business. Ask yourself the following questions: Are you using spend analysis and business intelligence to improve the quality of your bids? Does your business have the right certification to work with the MOD? Do you receive alerts when security contract opportunities are published?

If there are questions that you are saying no to, then you may want to read our guide to winning security and terrorism tenders.

What Types of Security & Counter Terrorism Tenders Are Available?

DCI publishes tenders from a variety of sectors; these tenders will be looking for a wide range of products and services.

Organisations like banks want to work with brands that they can trust, especially at a time when they face a constantly evolving range of threats including terrorism, digital access, and identity fraud. For instance, it was announced this year by Chancellor Philip Hammond that the Government is investing £1.9bn on improving security measures. Bank of England officials are also working with financial technology firms to combat fraud using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Banks are not the only ones to increase spend. The police and military are constantly looking for businesses to provide them with products and services due to ongoing terrorist threats. You may not think your products and services will be needed to counter terrorism but contract opportunities in this sector include everything from security equipment to event services.

How do you know that these types of tenders are available? If you want to win counter-terrorism tenders, you can set up DCI alerts that will let you know when the public sector is looking for goods or services that are relevant to your business.


Bank of England trials artificial intelligence and blockchain in bid to stay ahead of the pack

The Bank of England has paired up with artificial intelligence and blockchain specialists in a bid to keep up to date with the fast-growing financial technology sector. The central bank is testing an artificial intelligence system with Canadian startup MindBridge AI to allow it to spot abnormalities in financial transactions and “explore the benefit of machine learning technology for analysing the quality of regulatory data input.”


Getting Started with Security Tenders

When you are tendering for security contracts, it is important that you are using business intelligence that will allow you to access spend analysis specifically for the defence sector. Tools like DCI are designed to do this.

Once you have customised your profile, you can access insights that will help you to identify how much buyers are currently spending with which suppliers and what they are purchasing.

This is an excellent tool for competitor analysis and it means that your business can bid strategically.

This is an excellent tool for competitor analysis and it means that your business can bid strategically. You too can find out who is winning business in your industry today when you book a free demo with DCI contracts.

Protect Your Business with Cyber Essentials

Keep in mind, before your business starts to win security tenders, there is one thing you must do: sign up for Cyber Essentials. This certification has been mandatory for suppliers* to the MOD since 1 January 2016, so you will need to invest in this certification before you start to bid.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported scheme that helps organisations like the MOD to protect themselves against cyber threats. In recent years, we have seen more and more news stories about cyber attacks and how they can infiltrate organisations of all sizes and access sensitive information.

It is worth the time and money to invest in Cyber Essentials as every public and private sector body commissions security services. Make sure that your business is backed with strong cyber security: it could win you more business at home and overseas.

*Cyber Essentials is mandated by the MOD in order to bid for MOD tenders.

Find out more about counter terrorism and security tenders here.



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