24 Oct 2018

William H Kenzo Nakamura US Courthouse – AHU Controller Upgrades

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

William H Kenzo Nakamura US Courthouse – AHU Controller Upgrades

General Services Administration

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400 15th Street SW Auburn WA 98001-6599

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Kimberly M Johnson, Contracting Officer, Phone (253) 931-7337, Email kimberlym.johnson@gsa.gov – Josh Doerr, Project Manager, Email Josh.doerr@gsa.gov


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Contract Description:
The General Services Administration, Northwest/Arctic Region, Public Buildings Service is issuing this combined synopsis/solicitation to request a quote from your firm to provide the resources to support this requirement for upcoming a KMC AHU Controller Upgrade.

Nakamura Courthouse (WA0035ZZ)
1010 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Estimated Period of Performance: 12/15/2018 thru 3/15/2019
See Statement of Work attached.

See attached Brand Name Justification to KMC Vendor. 

Project Magnitude: less than $60,000.00

Note: Any contractor-provided hardware requiring access to the GSA network, must be pre-approved for use by the GSA (PBS CIO). All IP-enabled devices will be evaluated and scanned to determine any potential IT Security vulnerabilities. GSA will provide a report indicating the required configuration changes to the device that must be made in order for installation to be acceptable and approved. Contractors must make any required configuration changes before their product will be accepted for use.

Configuration changes are not a change in scope and are not subject to equitable adjustment under the contract. This process make take 6 months or longer to complete (sometimes upon to a year or more), depending on the lab workload and the number of times a device needs revision to resolve any IT Security vulnerabilities identified. It is expected that both the contractor and GSA will coordinate with the manufacturer regarding these issues, with the solution being provided at no additional cost.

As the site is being upgraded to a Tridium Niagara N4 server there have been multiple failed controller I/O points identified on the AHU and cooling tower controllers. The effort being proposed will continue to utilize the low voltage signal wiring that is all KMC based hardware and will upgrade to the latest hardware from this vendor to ensure the longest service life for the facility.

The current AHU controllers consist of an outdated BAC-5831 product and this effort will ensure that each AHU is updated to the newer BAC 5901 product.
The other tasking for this effort is to clean up the sequence of operations for these AHU’s. The existing sequences are not consistent (and should be) this is due to multiple programmers’ efforts to modify this control sequence internal to each device. The intent of this statement of work is to provide a clean and concise sequence of operations that reflects the optimal sequence to incorporate supply air and supply static reset while also meeting the occupant comfort needs at the site.

Replace/Upgrade all AHU controllers at this site along with the cooling tower control panel. There are a total of 10 AHU controllers to be replaced (note these will require additional expansion modules to accommodate the necessary inputs/outputs at each AHU).

Interested parties will required to comply with GSA Order 3490.2 regarding safeguard Sensitive but Unclassified building information that will be provided during the solicitation and will be required to complete and return an agreement stating the same before access to some of the information is provided.

All on site contractor team working onsite will need to be cleared through GSA and OPM. As such, it is requested that you carefully consider the security processing capabilities of your firm and associated subcontractors. The current process is taking approximately 30 to 45 days or more after a fully completed and accurate package is received.

Contractor personnel must be prepared to complete online security questionnaires and obtain fingerprinting at one of the local facilities within the greater Seattle region, The Contractor will need to closely cooperate and coordinate with the GSA regarding efforts to plan and perform the work and being provided access to security areas, outages, and other special project related requests. The expectation is that the Contractor will take the necessary actions to resolve all issues in an expeditious and friendly manner. The Contractor will need to closely manage and coordinate with subcontractors. The contractor’s detailed planning documents will need to be reviewed by the GSA. The Contractor team must be well versed in all applicable codes, processes, and GSA requirements.

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