05 May 2017

Virginia Class fast attack submarine named Indiana at ceremony


The US Navy recently christened its newest Virginia Class fast attack submarine, the future USS Indiana, during a ceremony at Huntington Ingalls Shipyard in Newport News, Virginia.

Indiana is the sixteenth Virginia Class fast attack submarine and the sixth Virginia Class Block III submarine. This next-generation attack submarine provides the US Navy with the capabilities required to maintain US undersea superiority well into the 21st century.

The submarine, which began construction in 2012, will be the third US Navy ship to be christened with the name Indiana.

US Vice President Mike Pence, who previously served as the fiftieth governor of Indiana, delivered the ceremony’s principal address. Diane Donald, wife of retired Admiral Kirkland H Donald, Director of Naval Nuclear Propulsion from 2004 to 2012, is serving as the ship’s sponsor.

Indiana will have the capability to attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters or other sea-based forces. Other missions include anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare; mine delivery and minefield mapping; and special forces delivery and support.

Virginia Class submarines, built under a unique teaming arrangement between General Dynamics Electric Boat and Huntington Ingalls Industries-Newport News, are 7800 tons and 377 feet in length, have a beam of 34 feet, and can operate at more than 25 knots submerged.

“The christening of the future USS Indiana brings this technological marvel one step closer to joining the world’s pre-eminent submarine force,” said the Honorable Sean Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy.

“Thanks to the hard work, dedication and unparalleled skill of our nation’s shipbuilders, who continue to produce the finest submarines in the world, our Navy will continue to dominate the undersea domain long into the future.”


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