20 Nov 2018

Viasat to provide Mini Crypto devices for USAF

Viasat has announced it has received a Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) order of 1,000 National Security Agency-certified Mini Crypto devices from the US Air Force (USAF).

The devices are designed for easy embedment on US Department of Defense (DoD) small form factor systems, allowing them to transmit data securely across the battlespace. Systems include unmanned systems, emerging robotics applications, communications devices, and existing and emerging sensors.

According to the USAF, the Mini Crypto device will enable forward-deployed warfighters to secure these small, tactical edge systems in extremely hostile environments.

The Mini Crypto device ensures tactical communications and data exchanges, no matter where they take place, stay safe and secure. Due to its small size and embedded operational use case, the Mini Crypto device provides high levels of security with minimal additional weight and power.

In addition, because they are embedded and have a self-contained encryption engine capable of generating their own keys, they are not required to undergo the same special handling as other security devices, thereby expanding their operational use case and reducing operational costs.

Ken Peterman, President, Government Systems, Viasat, said: “Cyber threats have created a new operational environment and have increased risk across the multi-domain battlespace.

“Our Mini Crypto will provide substantial operational cost savings to our customers through certificate-based Tactical Key Management and non-Controlled Cryptographic Item handling. The Mini Crypto also brings exceptional ease-of-use to the warfighter with innovations in low Size Weight and Power, enabling longer operational periods and smaller payloads. Our patented software is upgradable even after deployment, enabling ongoing improvements without removing the system from the field.”

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