03 Apr 2018

ViaSat-2 communications services available for military applications

Viasat has announced the availability of ViaSat-2 satellite communications (SATCOM) service for government, defence and military applications.

The service leverages the world’s most advanced communications satellite, ViaSat-2, along with innovations in ground networking technologies, that will deliver significant performance advantages over any other commercial or US Department of Defense (DoD) SATCOM system.

Earlier this month, Viasat conducted a ViaSat-2 SATCOM system demonstration—attended by representatives from the US armed forces—and showed a number of cloud-based government applications. The speeds on the ViaSat-2 satellite system demonstrated the industry’s fastest broadband connections, exceeding 100 Mbps during the demonstration day.

The system has the ability to transmit bandwidth-intensive, media-rich cloud applications; conduct more simultaneous operations; continue operating through an electromagnetic, terrestrial or cyber-attack; and provide assured communications.

Ken Peterman, President, Government Systems, Viasat, said: “We are proudly demonstrating emerging U.S. government concept of operations requiring bandwidth-intensive, cloud-connected military applications with our latest high-throughput commercial satellite, ViaSat-2.

“The innovations in the new ViaSat-2 satellite and network show that we can dramatically improve operational capabilities for military missions. This satcom system is the first in our series of ultra-high-capacity global satellite networks, which will enable superior reach, readiness, and resiliency for global military forces.”

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