10 May 2019

US military housing at Fort Meade to receive new roofing

Construction firm Corvias has partnered with the US Army to provide new roofs for historic military housing at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Corvias will provide re-roofing for 110 historic homes at the Fort Meade site in the Heritage Park neighbourhood. The firm has an ongoing contract with the US Army to provide military personnel with on-base housing and amenities.

Residents are being consulted on the work to ensure construction is scheduled around them. Work on the homes is expected to be completed in Autumn of this year.

John G. Picerne, the founder of Corvias, said: “Historic homes in particular pose a great challenge for preserving and maintaining, and with this investment into the housing at Fort Meade, we are able to significantly improve the integrity of these 110 houses.”

“This re-roofing project is one of many programs we are undertaking to improve military housing. We have added service technicians and resident service specialists, retrained our employees to provide excellent customer service and are providing multiple ways for residents to engage with our team, socially and to meet their specific service needs.”

“We have work to do, but we’re seeing progress. At Fort Meade during the last month, 95.9% of 630 total emergency work orders were completed within 24 hours, and 88.3% of the 2,569 routine work orders were completed within the benchmark of 10 days, and our resident satisfaction data reflects 3.99 out of 5.”

Corvias is responsible for the upkeep of 2,628 homes at the side, 60% of them are over 50 years old. The partnership between Corvias and the military has generated 9,500 new homes and renovated a further 16,400 across 13 military installations.

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