30 Oct 2019

US DOD to change acquisition process

The US DOD has revealed it will transform its acquisition process to improve speed and flexibility.

DOD officials have explained their plans to update the acquisition process to reduce bureaucracy and improve speed. Undersecretary for Acquisition Ellen M. Lord announced the framework and the changes are currently being tested at the Defense Acquisition University at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

The DOD announced other policies including the establishment of an intellectual property policy and nuclear modernisation. Lord also said that private military housing would be improved and leaders would be faced with higher accountability.

Ellen M. Lord said: “This policy embraces the delegation of decision-making tailoring program oversight to minimize unnecessary bureaucratic processes and actively managing risks based on the unique characteristics of the capability being acquired.”

“Earlier this year, I briefed the Senate on nuclear modernization — helping ensure that the United States has a safe, secure, reliable and credible nuclear deterrent, now and in the future. Delay is no longer an option. Systems can no longer be cost-effectively life-extended … we are very thankful for the bipartisan support.”

The DOD is continuing to increase production capabilities to ensure F-35 aircraft — the department’s largest and most expensive procurement — are ready and capable. The aircraft is on duty in the Pacific and in U.S. Central Command.

Lord is travelling to India to continue to build the burgeoning U.S.-India defence relationship. She will co-chair the ninth India-U.S. defence technologies and trade initiative group meeting.

As well as these announcements, the DOD is due to release details of modernised legislation to provide new software development across the department. The new acquisition process aims to remove red tape from software integration capability.

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