18 Apr 2019

US DOD announces STEM award

The US DOD has announced a STEM award for young people to encourage careers in the field.

The US DOD has announced a STEM award aimed at children from kindergarten to 12 years old. The DSEC (Defence STEM Education Consortium) supports STEM education programmes in this age group.

The DSEC will provide the DoD with far-reaching sustainable and scalable programs through a consortium of organizations that have similar STEM goals. The DOD has set out a STEM strategic plan with the following goals:

  • Building a highly-qualified STEM workforce in mission-critical areas;
  • Enhancing the preparation of dependents of our Armed Forces for careers in STEM;
  • Providing education, outreach programs, and activities that stimulate an interest in STEM; and
  • Promoting increased participation of under served groups.

Dr Milan Nikolich, Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Research and Technology said: “STEM is a national priority.  In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have given rise to major economic and political shifts across the globe.” 

“The department’s unique STEM programs align with the newly released five year Federal STEM Strategy entitled, Charting a Course for Success: America’s Strategy for STEM Education by exposing students of all ages to ground-breaking, forward-looking research and development that supports the warfighter and provides science, technology, and engineering expertise to develop technologies that benefit the U.S. and directly contribute to protecting national security.”

DSEC members and their STEM education and outreach efforts will include programs such as For Inspiration and Recognition Science and Technology, National Math and Science Initiative, MATHCOUNTS, USA Science and Engineering Festival, among others. Students will be able to access hands-on learning with leading experts and make them aware of STEM career opportunities.

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