03 May 2019

US and UK naval leaders meet in Washington

US and UK naval leaders met in Washington DC to strengthen ties between the countries and discuss operations.

Naval leaders First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones of the UK and US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson discussed the relationship between the two navies and ongoing joint missions and training exercises. A statement was signed that reaffirmed a commitment to continued collaborative operations.

Joint operations include nuclear deterrent carrier exercises which require the two countries to work together. HMS Queen Elizabeth will once again conduct fast jet training off the Eastern Seaboard of the USA this autumn.

Admiral Richardson said: “It is always such an honour and pleasure to meet with my friend and colleague Admiral Sir Philip Jones, as our two nations and navies share a very special relationship.”

“The First Sea Lord is an exceptional leader and is instrumental in reinvigorating operational capabilities that enabled the United States Navy and the Royal Navy to sail together across the globe providing security that supports our two nations’ shared strategic interests.”

At the meeting, Admiral Jones received the Legion of Merit, the US military’s seventh highest decoration, from his American host in recognition of his leadership of the RN and especially its support of global operations which have had a significant impact in European and Middle Eastern waters and the Asia-Pacific region. Admiral Jones also called in on NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, based in Norfolk, Virginia, to discuss the alliance’s work in the Atlantic theatre and present Long Service and Good Conduct medals to long-standing RN personnel, and has been discussing collaboration with US submarine forces.

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