25 Oct 2019

US Air Force tests Agile Combat Employment in Exercise Polar Force

Troops took part in Exercise Polar Force in Alaska to test Agile Combat Employment in extreme and difficult environments.

The US Air Force took part in the biannual Exercise Polar Force to test Agile Combat Employment including medical aid in Alaska. The training develops skills needed for harsh environments such as providing medical care and coping with emergency situations.

Soldiers and Airmen from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson took part in the exercise which took place over two weeks. Personnel set up an expeditionary medical support system and patients with simulated injuries were involved in helicopter medical evacuations.

JB Elmendorf-Richardson and 673rd Air Base Wing Commander Colonel Patricia Csánk said: “This week’s training at Camp Mad Bull brought unprecedented realism for Polar Force.”

“We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into building up Camp Mad Bull, and our Airmen demonstrated its capacity as a premier training platform this week.  I’m extremely proud of our team’s efforts and the results they achieved.”

“My vision is to make JB Elmendorf-Richardson the regional training site for agile combat support proficient training, and Polar Force 20-1 has proved a critical milestone in bringing this to fruition.”

One part of the exercise involved pulling a firing pin while wearing gloves. Participants were encouraged to visit the JB Elmendorf-Richardson innovation lab to create something to pull the firing pin with the 3D printer.

The participants worked with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center to use drones before and after an attack scenario to assess the damage on the runway. The exercise aims to work with fewer troops and a smaller footprint on deployment to make operations more efficient.

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