30 Aug 2018

UK military provides training support to Somalian National Army

The UK-led Baidoa Security Training Centre in Somalia has celebrated its 500th graduate, as Britain reaffirms its commitment to supporting peace and prosperity throughout the region.

Since January 2017, British service personnel have trained the Somalian National Army (SNA) in medical best practice, leadership development, intelligence gathering, equipment care, logistics and human rights.

“The training we have provided will help build a more stable and prosperous Somalia,” said Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster. “The Somalian National Army have been motivated, keen to learn and professional and we remain committed to their country’s development.”

Having completed the training it is hoped that Commanding Officers in the SNA will be able to apply what they have learned, becoming self-sufficient as they impart that knowledge and experience to their own troops.

Crucially, the initiative forms only a fraction of the country’s commitment to Somalia. The UK is the third largest donor to the African Union Mission in Somalia or AMISOM, and in 2017 it was announced that Somalia would be the beneficiary of £21 million in financial backing from the Conflict, Security and Stability Fund.

The UK is also supporting development of a joint funding mechanism for policing, which the government is currently developing with the European Union.

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