15 Mar 2017

Tools to help you succeed in defence procurement

Event organiser BiP has some great tools to help your business win in the defence market – come and see us at DPRTE’s Defence Procurement Centre.

DPRTE’s official event organiser is the BiP Group, a company which specialises in helping the public and private sectors work more effectively together.

At the Defence Procurement Centre we will enable delegates to interact with defence procurement specialists and learn about all aspects of defence procurement from buyer and supplier perspectives. The centre will help you to succeed, whether your goal is reducing risk or increasing your organisation’s chances of tendering success.

Our experts, along with experts from the Ministry of Defence, will be there to support you with advice and solutions on all areas of defence procurement. For those wanting to learn about the Doing Business with the MOD Team – Supply Chain Development, team leader Phil Margerison will also be on hand with advice and support on winning defence contracts.

The BiP Group is also promoting Cyber Essentials at DPRTE. Any supplier bidding for a contract involving the transfer of MOD identifiable information must be Cyber Essentials certified.

To give yourself the best possible chance of winning the contracts that matter in 2017, you need to include Cyber Essentials certification in your defence procurement strategy.

Daniel Selman, MOD Deputy Head of Cyber Security, says: “Cyber Essentials provides the foundation for good cyber security. It demonstrates that an organisation is doing the simple things well and means they are likely to be able to prevent a lot of attacks being successful.’’

The BiP Group is also responsible for several highly regarded publications, both online and in print.

These include Defence Contracts International, the world’s leading provider of global defence-related opportunities and intelligence.

DCI is the only business development solution created specifically for suppliers to the defence industry where you can find defence and defence-related contracts online.

DCI helps businesses to win defence contracts by helping them to:

  • Engage earlier – With more time you can spot opportunities earlier, identify future requirements pre-tender, stop wasting time searching, and only receive contracts relevant to your business. Be more proactive – not reactive.
  • Be more competitive – We give you insights your competitors don’t have, connect you with key buyer networks and supply you with intelligence on what buyers want and what they buy. Be one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Sell more effectively – We help you identify what to bid for and what to ignore so you can stop wasting time searching.

Another BiP Group service is Defence Online.

Defence Online connects the defence community with insight, intelligence and opportunities. It is the UK’s fastest-growing community of defence industry professionals, allowing buyers of defence-related services to connect with each other as well as thousands of suppliers and industry experts globally.

Our new website is an unrivalled gateway to a wide range of engagement tools, including webinars, news features, MOD announcements, stakeholder pages and much more.

Defence Online enables you to:

  • Keep connected with industry news and market insight.
  • Engage with suppliers of all sizes.
  • Keep up to date with forthcoming defence events and conferences.

The BiP Group also produces this publication, the highly regarded MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin magazine, an invaluable guide to who is doing what in the defence procurement field. The magazine provides a priceless insight into developments and activity in national and international defence acquisition, with interviews, profiles and expert analysis.

Another invaluable BiP Group service is PASS Training. With 30 years of experience and unrivalled expertise, the training, consultancy and support services provided by PASS (Procurement Advice and Support Service) set the standard for professional development.

Through practical guidance and training PASS can help improve efficiency, reduce risk, improve transparency and achieve value for money for your organisation.

The BiP Group invites you to come along and see us at DPRTE to find out more about the subjects highlighted in this article and how we can place your business in front of key decision makers in the defence industry.


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