09 May 2016

Tips for SME Defence Suppliers: Rob Rolley [video]

Defence is an industry that thrives on innovation, making it a market well suited to SMEs. Here Defence Contracts Bulletin Magazine Editor Paul Elliot speaks with General Dynamics UK Techology Director, Rob Rolley, to discuss the opportunities available within the industry for smaller suppliers.



SME’s efficient business models and innovative solutions make them popular among procurement officials. It’s no surprise then that the UK MOD has set a target of spending 25% of all its procurement spend – both direct and indirect – with SMEs by 2020.

SMEs can also flourish within the defence private sector, as Rob Rolley explains:


  • Why General Dynamics likes to work with SMEs.
  • The dedication required to be an SME defence supplier.
  • Top tips for SMEs entering defence markets.



As defence is one of the world’s largest markets, organisations of any size can and already do successfully win new business and form strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading public and private companies.

To gain a share of this spend, you need to ensure you have access to the right intelligence to understand the market, exactly what you will receive with DCI.

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