31 Oct 2017

Thales furnish navy personnel with unlimited mobile connectivity

Thales Group has this week unveiled the world’s first shipboard information distribution system of its kind, dubbed COMTICS.

COMTICS is a multimedia communication device resembling a smartphone which provides navy personnel with permanent shipboard mobility and connectivity across all types of military radio.

Previously, concerns over compromised security prevented sailors from using their smartphones at sea. Now, COMTICS is enabling a range of services from video and data transfer to web browsing and social media – should the operational situation allow for it – and the ability to chat with colleagues.

“With COMTICS, Thales is helping improve quality of life for naval personnel at sea,” said Christophe Dumas, VP of Radio Communication Products at Thales. “It’s a resolutely future-focused solution that meets all the operational, security and reputational challenges faced by navies today.”

Thales built COMTICS on the back of its NGIN (Naval Voice Over) and FOCON (Fibre Optical Communication Network) solutions. Crucially, it offers the highest level of protection from cyber threats and utilises redundant all-IP architecture to ensure operational continuity, even in the event of combat damage.

At present, COMTICS can support up to 3,000 calls simultaneously. By delivering new applications and services for navy personnel, this technology is bringing greater mobility on board, supporting the way in which communication devices are now used while driving greater operational efficiencies.

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