19 Oct 2010

Strategic Defence and Security Review – live blog

Well, those are the headlines. Will these cuts affect your place in the supply chain? Do you think that the Coalition was delivering someone else’s bad news with this review, or are these cuts too fast, too severe? Click ‘comment’ below and join the debate!

Cameron defends the decision to scrap the Defence Training Review.

Cameron now defends his decision’s to a packed House.

Nuclear deterrent to be kept – however the Trident replacement will be delayed, Vanguard Class submarine to have their operational lifespan extended.

Tornado fleets will be kept in operation.

Territorial Army to be reviewed.

Tanks and heavy artillery numbers to be reduced by 40%.

Frigates and Destroyer fleets will be reduced to 19.

Harriet fleet will be abandoned.

NAVY personnel to be reduced by 5,000 by 2015.

RAF personnel to be reduced by 5,000 by 2015.

UK Army personnel to fall by 7,000 by 2015 – Forces based in Germany will be brought home within the next ten years.

Nimrod MRA4 planes to be cancelled.

Defence spend to fall by 8% in real terms.

MOD Civilian Staff to be cut by 25,000 by 2015.

Bad news for those looking over the horizon. This whole process is going to repeated every five years.

Prime Minister David Cameron; Crown copyright

David Cameron is currently outlining the outcomes of the Coalition Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review.

19th October – D Day for the SDSR and the UK Defence Industry.