13 Apr 2017

Sole Source Award – Capabilities and Resource Integration Support

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Sole Source Award – Capabilities and Resource Integration Support

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Contract Description:
This sole source Task Order provides continued support for the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM)Joint Directorate 8. The United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) was established October 31, 2010 with the merging of Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) and Joint Functional Component Command-Network Warfare (JFCC-NW). This requirement supports USCYBERCOM and Cyber Mission Force (CMF). The CMF is comprised of three command forces (Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF), Cyber Combat Mission Force, and Cyber Protection Force) that were created to help defend and react to a cyber-attack on the nation. This Task Order provides United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) / Capability & Resource Integration Directorate (J8), Capability and Resource Integration (C&RI) Support Services. This sole source bridge, which was awarded under the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) vehicle, consists of one (1) four-month Base Period and one (1) two-month option period.. This Task Order was awarded on a sole-source basis to CACI, Inc.-Federal pursuant to FAR Part 8.405-6(a)(1)(i)(B), only one source is capable of providing the services required. The Limited Source Justification justifying this award was approved on March 16, 2017 and is attached to this notification.

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