10 Jan 2018


Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States


Department of the Navy

Official Address:
6000 West Highway 98
Bldg 2269 Pensacola FL 32512-0001

Zip Code:

Carleton Leary, PURCHASING AGENT, Phone 8505056436, Email j.c.leary.civ@mail.mil


Date Posted:


Contract Description:
This order is expected to be awarded on a base + 3 year options..  It is the Government’s intent to award to Securadyne Systems Southeast LLC  since they currently hold the maintenance agreement for the lentel equipment.

LNL:32ES SUSP PLAN. Covers 32ES, 32ESI, Dongle# 38628, P/N SUSP-W-ES, MFR Lenel.

NOTE: SUSP annual update is a requirement to continue to receive support from Lenel and must be purchased in full at the beginning of each yearly contract period. This also provides all Lenel software updates and their installation at no added cost. The software updates include any patches, hot fixes, version updates, and firmware upgrades produced by Lenel during your SSA agreement period.


Platinum Service Agreement – in accordance with the SOW.


Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Agreement – in accordance with the SOW.

Platinum Service Agreement:
Benefits of a Platinum Service Agreement include 24×7 call handling and 24×7 service hours³. Receive priority over Customers
without a service agreement with our 8-hour response time for non-emergency calls¹ and 4-hour on-site response for critical component calls². Have equipment repaired/replaced inclusive of labor and materials. Avoid downtime with provided loaner equipment during parts repair/replacement. Receive a 5% discount on Move-Add-Change contracts (<$10k).

1. On-site response for non-emergency items will be provided within the stated period once receiving notification of a non emergency condition, as determined by the customer and Securadyne Systems. Non-emergency conditions are failures at an individual component level resulting in minimal impact to the overall operation of the facility.
2. On-site response for critical components will be provided within the stated period once receiving notification of a critical emergency condition, as determined by the customer and Securadyne Systems. Critical emergencies are failures at a system or panel level and would result in the loss of the entire section of a building or place the facility at high risk.
3. “Service hours” refers to the hours during which service is provided. Any services calls performed outside of the stated range are billable at standard T&M hourly rates.

Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Agreement:
Benefits of the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Agreement covers inspection, testing and adjusting of card reader controlled doors, surveillance cameras, perimeter door position switches, equipment enclosures and server/storage equipment racks.

This Maintenance Agreement includes: back-up of access control system configuration; archiving of cardholder database/transaction logs; back-up video management system configuration; confirm correct recording preferences (application reprogramming excluded); de-fragment all hard drives as needed; run system-wide diagnostic reports in order to identify nuisance alarms and/or faulty equipment (if needed, repairs performed pursuant to Service Agreement); and optimize video recording storage arrays as needed (application reprogramming excluded).

This Preventative Maintenance Agreement also includes one (1) site-wide vulnerability assessment designed to identify gaps in current electronic security protection scheme and Customer interview regarding needs analysis. Multi-year Preventative Maintenance Agreements annual price shall automatically increase 10% per year.


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