26 Apr 2017

SME export boost at Virtual Reality Show

The UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC) looks to give Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) an export boost at the Virtual Reality Show.

The VR Show, held at the Business Design Centre in London, will provide an opportunity for innovative UK SMEs to meet with the UKDSC who can give support to exports and engagement with overseas defence and security customers.

UKDSC Capability Development Leader (Synthetics & Intelligent Systems), Afzal Ali, will speak as part of the Defence Conference at the three-day show, giving SMEs and non-defence suppliers advice on how to engage with defence organisations, as well as methods of introducing potentially disruptive technologies into defence programmes.

Jointly funded by the UK government and Defence industry, the UKDSC collaborates with industry to identify innovative and world-beating products and services , whilst helping to develop game-changing strategic capability road maps that will guide future investment decisions and improve the UK’s competitive advantage.

Leading SMEs are invited to be a part of the UK DSC Innovation & Collaborative Engagement Lab (ICE Lab) which brings together organisations from across the UK to collaborate in a reconfigurable laboratory.

Since early 2016, the UKDSC ICE Lab has removed a layer of risk for companies looking to develop new capabilities by allowing innovation, simulation and visualisation of future capabilities to meet current and future defence needs.

UK SMEs can access a range of benefits from working with the UKDSC ICE Lab; facilitating innovation, collaboration and engagement to boost capabilities and provide visualisations of solutions to customers, to support with clearly identified exporting opportunities.

Afzal Ali said: “The UK is renowned for its innovation and has a huge breadth of defence training expertise. The Virtual Reality show gives the UKDSC an opportunity to engage with SME and non-traditional defence organisations in order to understand their capabilities. The UKDSC can then map them to a UK baseline, to build a picture of the technology landscape around the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality, particularly with respect to defence training and maintenance systems.”


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