07 Feb 2018

Small Business ID/IQ MATOC

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Small Business ID/IQ MATOC

Department of the Army

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635 Federal Building 60l East 12th Street Kansas City MO 64106-2896

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Jaclyn C. Yocum, Contracting Specialist, Phone 8163892266, Email jaclyn.c.yocum@usace.army.mil


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Contract Description:
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District (NWK), intends to issue a solicitation for Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build construction services. This is a two Phase Best Value Tradeoff solicitation for offers for Firm Fixed-Price Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC) for Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Construction projects within the geographic boundaries of the Kansas City District, but may be used to support other projects within the Northwestern Division (NWD) of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). This is a 100% set-aside for Small Businesses. The Phase 1 solicitation will be available on or about 26 February 2018 on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at www.fbo.gov and proposals will be due within 30 days from issuance of the solicitation.

The NAICS code that will apply to projects under these contracts will be NAICS 236220 (Commercial and Institutional Building Construction.) The Size standard is $36.5 million. The Government will award up to five (5) base Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract awards to firms under this solicitation. The MATOC will share an ordering capacity of $95 million. The MATOC duration will be three (3) years. The minimum guarantee on this contract is $2,500.00. Individual projects under this contract will be awarded by task order.

Individual projects may incorporate facility maintenance, road/traffic improvements, and building/facility construction to include reinforced concrete foundations, steel frame and roof system, insulated metal walls, utilities and all other necessary work for complete and usable support facilities. Supporting facilities can include site utilities; electric service; security lighting; fire protection and alarm system; paving, walks, curbs, and gutters, parking and site improvements; storm drainage; and information systems. Projects may include special foundations, connection to Energy Monitoring and Control Systems (EMCS) and installation of Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) measures include blast resistant windows and doors, architectural reinforcement, mass notification, HVAC controls, conduit for security systems, and general structural reinforcements.

The Government will evaluate the performance capability of Phase 1 proposals in accordance with the criteria described in the Phase 1 solicitation and will select up to ten proposals to compete in Phase 2 for the MATOC pool.

The Phase 2 solicitation will include an initial task order which will also be awarded to one of the base contract awardees. The project selected for this initial task order will be the Blood Donor Processing Center at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

The Government will evaluate Price, and technical factors in the Phase 2 proposals in accordance with the criteria described in the Phase 2 solicitation for best value, trade off. The Phase 2 solicitation will be available on or about the first week of May 2018, and Proposals will be due on or about 30 days from issuance of the solicitation.

As requirements develop, task orders will be issued in accordance with DFARS 216.505-70, at the Government’s option. Task Orders will include primarily Military Construction (MILCON) or Operations and Maintenance (O&M) projects. Requirements include, but are not limited to, sustainability, renovation, modernization and construction work within the geographic boundaries of the Kansas City District, but may be used to support other similar projects within the Northwestern Division (NWD) of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). The purpose of these MATOC contracts will be to support military construction and renovation projects within the district.

The Phase 1 and Phase 2 solicitations will include a detailed list of Evaluation Factors and will provide instructions for Proposal Requirements and the Basis for Award. Proposals received in response to the solicitation will be evaluated in accordance with procedures outlined in FAR Part 15 for Best Value. The source selection process will be conducted in accordance with FAR Part 15.3 and DFARS Part 215.3, source selection procedures. The government intends to award without discussions.

Interested offerors must have an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM). Firms can register via the SAM internet web-site at If the offeror is a Joint Venture (JV), the JV entity must have valid SAM registration in the SAM database representing the JV as one business/firm/entity. If at the time of award an offeror is not actively and successfully registered in the SAM data base, the Government reserves the right to award to the next prospective offeror.

Interested offerors are required to submit their representations and certifications to the System for Award Management (SAM) website at The solicitation and associated information will be available from the FedBizOpps website This will normally be the only method of distributing amendments prior to closing; therefore, it is the offerors responsibility to check the website periodically for any amendments to the solicitation.

All communications must be made in writing. Prospective Offerors shall submit contracting and technical inquiries and questions concerning the solicitation via Bidder Inquiry in ProjNet at www.projnet.org/projnet. A Bidder Inquiry Key will be provided with the solicitation.

Point of Contact:
Jaclyn Yocum, Contract Specialist – jaclyn.c.yocum@usace.army.mil

Contracting Office Address:
635 Federal Building
601 East 12th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106-2896
United States

Place of Performance:
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
United States

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