07 Mar 2018

Slovakian Air Force Firefighters undergo training in UK

Six Slovakian Air Force firefighters have undergone training in the UK to learn vital skills needed to tackle major aircraft fires.

The week-long course was held at the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre in Manston, Kent saw the Slovakian personnel learn incident command techniques and aircraft firefighting tactics.

A mixture of British military fire safety personnel and MOD civilian experts provided the training, which included classroom and live firefighting exercises featuring a variety of retired RAF aircraft donated to the facility including a Nimrod, Tornado, Harrier Jump Jet, Jaguar, Sea King and Lynx helicopters.

Staff Sergeant Michal Fusi, of the Slovakian Air Force firefighting service, said: “In Slovakia we don’t have the these kind of facilities, so when the opportunity came up to come to the UK we took it.

“This is a big experience for us and a chance to improve our skills, it is very beneficial for us. We will be able to pass on the skills we have picked up her to our colleagues back home.”

The training area also featured fire simulators such as a “fire wall” and one that is shaped like a large aircraft with seats inside, which can be used to mimic aircraft such as a C-17 Globemaster.

The Defence Fire Risk Management facility at Manston is used for training firefighters across all three services, with more than 3,000 people passing through its doors every year.

Area Manager Ken Cross, the brigade training manager at Manston, said: “We are delighted to have them here. With many British C-17 aircraft landing in Slovakia as part of NATO, the offer of training was extended. Our facilities replicate realistic fire conditions.

“The Slovakians loved every minute of what has been a busy and interesting week. They have learnt quickly and are very energetic. They are very, very good firefighters.”

It is hoped that this course, the first time that the Slovakians have done this training in the UK, will lead to further opportunities for fire safety personnel from their country to come to Manston.

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