23 Nov 2018

SIMBA Chain secures US Dept. of Defense Blockchain deal

SIMBA Chain has been awarded a contract that will see the US Air Force leverage its platform as it explores how Blockchain technology can improve its logistics and supply chain capabilities.

The Air Force will be using SIMBA Chain to securely scale its additive manufacturing supply chain, following a call put out earlier this year by the Department of Defense through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, seeking technologies with commercial applications that can help the service branch streamline its supply chain and logistics and stay ahead of the technological curve.

The Air Force has a highly complex logistics and supply chain network which moves millions of parts around the world and needs to function dependably and without interruption. This complexity and need for ongoing, documentable precision is an ideal use case for Blockchain.

Blockchain technology can securely connect the Industrial Internet of Things, providing a permanent digital ledger and consensus network that democratizes how business and manufacturing are done. This has implications for global industries spanning government to manufacturing to healthcare.

SIMBA Chain CEO and Founder, Joel Neidig, said: “We’re excited to be the first implementers of Blockchain across the entire Digital Thread, not only securing it but applying a non-repudiable and immutable ledger.”

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