11 May 2017

Serco Australia signs MoU with ADF

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Serco Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support reservist operations.

Signing the MoU in Canberra, were Serco Asia Australia CEO Mark Irwin, and Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer.

Head Reserve and Youth Division, Rear Admiral Bruce Kafer said the purpose of the MoU was to formalise the relationship between Serco and the ADF, which will allow them to further develop mutual understanding as well as agreement on the terms for the employment of personnel who are members of both organisations.

“Reservists bring valuable life skills back to their civilian workplaces,” Rear Admiral Kafer said.

“Reservists are highly disciplined team players with a ‘can-do’ work ethic and the confidence to accept responsibilities.

“The experience and expertise they gain from their Defence service also helps in their civilian environment to shape them as better employees.”

Mark Irwin said: “At Serco, we have the utmost respect for the men and women of our armed forces and we are committed to supporting them. We are proud to have served the ADF for more than 15 years and take our corporate responsibility very seriously.”

“This MoU recognises our employees who contribute to the ADF and makes it easier for them to continue the great job they are doing.”


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