23 May 2017

SEA upgrades capability of DECKsim training system

Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA), a Cohort Plc business, has unveiled new developments of its aviation training simulation system, DECKsim, by integrating the latest virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities into the technology at the recent ITEC event in Rotterdam.

SEA, which has offices in Beckington, Bristol, Barnstaple and Aberdeen and employs around 300 people, has successfully exported the DECKsim system throughout Europe and in other countries across the world where it is used to replicate flight decks and land-based airfield environments for training flight deck officers in aircraft handling procedures, based on single-spot or multi-spot operations.

Using the latest gaming techniques, SEA’s systems provide a high-fidelity 3D environment repurposed to deliver safe, efficient and high-fidelity immersive training.

Designed to keep instructor ‘simulator driving’ workload to a minimum, the DECKsim trainer enables firm focus on the procedural and cognitive skills transfer aspects of every training session. DECKsim can be provided in a variety of hardware configurations, with both portable and fixed installations available.

SEA delivers electronic systems to the defence, transport and offshore energy markets using skills and knowledge in Naval Combat Systems, Dismounted Soldier Operations, Traffic Enforcement and Subsea Engineering.

SEA Business Development Executive Andy McGowan said: “Gaming technology is driving the training and simulation environment. We have harnessed the latest developments in technology and added them to DECKsim to enhance the system’s training capability.

“This will add another option for our customers. The AR and VR goggle option offers a very portable solution, ideal for on-board refresher training and re-qualification.

“The latest VR and AR technology further underlines DECKsim’s standing as a comprehensive and cost-effective training system that delivers considerable benefits, by allowing students to develop procedural skills in normal and emergency operating conditions.”


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