13 Apr 2017

SEA support for Royal Navy

Cohort company, SEA, has been contracted to provide further support for the Royal Navy with the upgrade of its Ambient Noise Prediction System (ANPS).

The ANPS uses meteorological and oceanographic forecasts, together with oceanographic databases to produce regular forecasts of ambient noise conditions in the ocean, which helps the Royal Navy plan operations and improve the effectiveness of sonars.

First developed in the early 2000s by SEA, in conjunction with the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and NATO scientists, the system upgrade will incorporate the latest environmental information helping it make sense of the changing sounds within the marine environment, as well as making use of the higher resolution meteorological forecasts available.

The ANPS is now part of the operational support provided to the Fleet by the Joint Operational Meteorological and Oceanographic Centre (JOMOC).

Peter Rhodes, Project Manager for Maritime Research at SEA commented: “ANPS is a valuable element in ensuring that Royal Navy ships achieve the best results in deploying their sonar assets and this update will take advantage of the latest data and resources available.

“SEA’s expertise in acoustics and the underwater environment means that we are well suited to support NCHQ in the upgrade. We are delighted to once again be the customer of choice for the upgrade of the ANPS and to continue supporting frontline naval platforms”.


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