22 Mar 2017

SEA installs simulator at Defence Academy

Cranfield University has recently installed new flight deck simulators at its Defence Academy Technology School.

The new technology provides an Aircraft Procedural Trainer (APT) for the Centre for Simulation and Analytics and has been delivered by Cohort Company SEA. This is the latest iteration of SEA’s DECKsim technology, providing students with an immersive, high fidelity, 3D virtual environment to train with. The software is based upon SEA’s Flight Deck Officer (FDO)/Flight Deck Controller (FDC) training simulator used at the UK Royal Navy School of Flight Deck Operations (RNSFDO) at RNAS Culdrose.

SEA’s DECKsim is used by Royal Navy personnel to train for standard operating procedures and emergency drills which otherwise would be difficult and expensive if live aircraft were used.

The technology uses a combined suite of monitors to demonstrate the Instructor and Students views rather than a large projection screen, and a smaller number of serials compared with in-service systems. It includes two ship models, Type 45 and the Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier, and two aircraft types, Merlin and Wildcat, and uses the Microsoft Connect to track the FDO hand signals and control the virtual helicopter.

The system will be used by the Cranfield University Modelling and Simulation staff to demonstrate Virtual Simulation capabilities and the integration of Commercial Off the Shelf Technologies (COTS) to a wide spectrum of Military and Civilian students on its MSc programs and short courses and visitors to the Defence Academy from around the world.

SEA Business Development Executive Andy McGowan explained: “The DECKsim simulator demonstrates another way in which a virtual environment and emulations can be employed for Page 2 of 2 training individuals. With the introduction of the QE Class carriers in particular, the latest simulators will be a valuable asset in delivering low-cost effective training for students.”

Mark Lewis Lecturer in Defence Simulation at Cranfield added: “The DECKsim installation provided by SEA will allow us to demonstrate the integration of everyday technologies into defence simulation and highlight how virtual simulation technology can enhance learning as well as skill retention.”


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