15 Jul 2019

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions wins NATO air base contract

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions has secured a contract to install a digital tower at NATO NAEW&CF E3A Component in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen will use the digital tower for live operations during the refurbishment of the current control tower.

The deal represents the first order for an operational digital air traffic control tower at a military air base, with NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen engaging  Saab to provide this first digital tower for NATO, which has stringent requirements on availability and security.

The digital air traffic control tower is a breakthrough in air traffic control and was introduced during 2015 in Sweden when Örnsköldsvik Airport became the first airport in the world with remote air traffic control. Commissioning of Örnsköldsvik Airport was followed by Sundsvall Timrå Airport in December 2017, and starting in 2019, air traffic control at both Linköping/Saab Airport and Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sälen will be conducted remotely from Sundsvall. Saab has developed the second generation of digital air traffic control towers, which will be installed at Geilenkirchen.

Per Ahl, Head of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, said: “We are proud to be trusted by NATO to deliver an operational digital tower. Saab being selected to install the first air base solution is a huge breakthrough, not only because it’s for NATO, but because it means we’re entering the German as well as the military market. With the equipment, NATO will possess new capabilities, enabled by a digital air traffic control solution.”

Image © M-SUR / Shutterstock.com

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