06 Mar 2017

Royal Marines open centre for urban tactics and climbing

A new £200k urban combat and climbing training facility in London has been unveiled by Vice Chief of Defence Staff General Sir Gordon Messenger.

The Centre for Urban Tactics And Climbing (CUTAC) will provide London-based Royal Marines Reservists with the opportunity to use a climbing/urban combat tactical trainer to get them combat-ready.

Located at the RMR City of London in Wandsworth, the four-storey facility was designed, built and installed in less than ten months and will see commandos practice scenarios involving climbing up, abseiling down and storming buildings.

The CUTAC has also been designed with other emergency services in mind and will see the Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade practice rescue simulations for multi-storey buildings.

Lt Col Ed Moorehouse RM, Commanding Officer of RMR City of London said: “This facility is a fantastic addition to our London base – without it we would travel for several hours to get the value of similar training.

“It’ll prove to be an essential tool not just for Royal Marines but for all our military colleagues in and around London. Moreover, and just as importantly, the Blue Light services – giving us all a chance to train together, cross-pollinate and swap skills together as well as develop new tactics by sharing this facility.”

image © UK MOD Crown Copyright 2017

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