06 Nov 2018

Romania to buy additional Patriot Air and Missile Defence systems

The Romanian government has signed an agreement with the US Army and transferred funding to the US government for the purchase of three additional Raytheon Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems from the US Army.

Patriot is a purely defensive system and is billed as the backbone Patriot is a purely defensive system.

Fifteen other nations depend on Patriot to protect their citizens and armed forces, including the U.S. and six other European nations: Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Sweden.

All of Romania’s Patriot fire units will be newly built. Despite shareing the same name and external appearance as the Patriot system that defended NATO during the Cold War, the system has been completely modernised.

Romania’s procurement of Patriot is an important element of the country’s commitment to NATO to spend at least 2% of its Gross Domestic Product on defense.

This most recent agreement marks the fulfillment of the Romanian Air Force’s plan to purchase four fire units. It also keeps the Romanian armed forces on track to acquire the seven systems Romanian senior leaders have stated they intend to obtain.

Michelle DeMaio, Raytheon’s Romania Patriot Program Manager, said: “Romania’s Patriot fire units will have the same hardware and software suite as the US Army’s Patriot fire units.

“This will enhance Romania’s ability to train with the U.S. Army and other NATO allies.”

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