19 Oct 2017

Rockwell Collins to shore up cyber defence for US infrastructure

Rockwell Collins is continuing to further its focus on cyber security for critical infrastructure, having partnered with a mass transit provider to markedly reduce the risk of cyber attack in the rail industry.

The solution, masterminded by Rockwell Collins, suggests that a network of on-site or hosted cyber security centres be built. Their implementation would be phased, with assessment, hardening, monitoring and maintenance services available to rail operators.

For this, Rockwell Collins’ private network, which currently transfers data securely for hundreds of airlines and a wide variety of critical infrastructure customers worldwide, will prove instrumental.

“We know that many critical infrastructure organizations are working to fend off cyber attacks every day, including those in the rail industry,” said Ken Schreder, Vice President of Surface Transportation and Critical Infrastructure Systems at Rockwell Collins. “We’ve designed our solutions to reduce the risk and impact of cyber attacks, helping ensure passenger safety, securing rail infrastructure and helping to enable business continuity.”

At present, Rockwell Collins provide cyber, physical and fully integrated security solutions to the majority of nuclear energy facilities in the United States, which is one of the few industries with federally regulated critical infrastructure standards for cyber security.

The hope now is that this expertise can be expanded elsewhere to safeguard those industries that are deemed most crucial to the United Stated.

Rockwell Collins has since published a White Paper – entitled ‘The State of Cyber Security in the Rail Industry’ – which outlines these ideas in full.

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