01 Dec 2017

Rockwell Collins display systems to enhance F-16 training programme

Lockheed Martin has contracted Rockwell Collins to deliver display systems in service of two international F-16 training programmes.

Rockwell Collins has been tasked with customising the configuration of its Griffin rear-projection dome and SpectraView display systems to meet the specific needs of Lockheed Martin’s international client-base.

“With only slight modifications to existing products, international customers will be able to provide pilots with modern, high-fidelity training that’s tailored to their environment,” said Nick Gibbs, Vice President and General Manager of Simulation & Training Solutions for Rockwell Collins.

“Our readiness-without-boundaries approach to training solutions is highlighted in the flexibility of this product to meet unique F-16 training requirements.”

The 360 degree Griffin rear-projection dome will be reconfigured to include an expanded ingress and egress system able to accommodate the larger cockpit of an F-16. It will also capitalise on increased projector capabilities for enhanced night vision goggle (NVG) usage, providing a heightened sense of realism during nighttime training operations.

Meanwhile, the tailor-made, front projection SpectraView display will be the first of its kind to incorporate full NVG functionality while boasting a much wider field of view. It will wrap 300 degrees around the user, 120 degrees above and 40 degrees below. The revamped system will also make use of commercial off-the-shelf projectors.

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