09 Mar 2017

Rheinmetall takes F-35 contract

Rheinmetall has secured a multi-million contract with the US Air Force to supply ammunition for the F-35.

The contract for the stealth fighter encompasses several ten thousand rounds in four lots, with first delivery before Christmas.

Rheinmetall are celebrating the significant win, with possible expansion of the contract due to the major procurement effort currently ongoing for the F-35.

The US has 1,200 F-35’s on order, and with numerous other nations also opting for the new aircraft, the procurement potential is huge.

The ammunition selected is the new 25mm x 137 Frangible Armour Piercing (FAP), which complements Rheinmetall’s existing array of high-performance aircraft ammunition. With orders also coming in for other countries to test the ammunition with the F-35, the potential for major orders is developing.

The FAP round was specifically developed by Rheinmetall for, and in conjunction with, NATO air forces to provide the F-35 with superior lethality against modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) at extreme slant ranges while still remaining deadly against enemy aircraft in air-to-air engagements. The 25mm x 137 FAP is a true all-purpose cartridge that is already in service with the F-35s of two NATO nations.

Manufacture of the ammunition for the US Air Force will take place at Rheinmetall Switzerland, while possible follow-up contracts will be assembled in the USA by Rheinmetall Day & Zimmermann Munitions (RDZM).


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