10 Sep 2018

Rheinmetall agrees deal worth €430 million with the Australian Defence Force

Rheinmetall has been chosen to supply the Australian Defence Force with more than a thousand additional military trucks and modules in a deal worth €430 million.

The latest purchase forms part of Australia’s Land 121 Phase 5B project. Rheinmetall is currently supplying Australia with 2,500 medium- and heavyweight military trucks worth a total of €1.2 billion as part of an earlier phase if the project. The trucks ship out from the Group’s plant in Brisbane, where final integration and acceptance testing takes place before delivery to the Commonwealth.

It is anticipated that Rheinmetall’s inclusion of Australian defence contractors and helping to create local production capacity will aid in the establishment of an independent military vehicle industry, significantly augmenting the nation’s defence technology capabilities.

Michael Wittlinger, head of Rheinmetall Logistic Vehicles and a member of the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH board of directors, said: “We’re very proud to be able to continue our outstanding cooperation with the ADF. We’ll be working closely with our network of Australian partners and subcontractors to make sure the ADF can count on these high-mobility trucks and build-ons in deployed operations.”

Delivery of the project is scheduled to commence next year and be complete in 2024.

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