21 Oct 2019

Reserve unit to be established in the Cayman Islands

The Defence Minister travelled to the Cayman Islands to discuss a new reserve unit with leaders.

The Governor and Premier of the Cayman Islands have announced a new reserve unit for the area which will be known as the Cayman Regiment. The unit will be the first Cayman Island defence force.

Mark Lancaster, Defence Minister, met with Governor of the Cayman Islands, Martyn Roper OBE, and the Premier, Alden McLaughlin, to discuss the regiment. UK military experts from the FCO and MOD will be deployed to begin assessments and lead the way for the unit to be built.

Mark Lancaster, Minister for the Armed Forces, said: “The UK enjoys a close and historic bond with the Cayman Islands and through helping to establish the Islands first reserve unit we are strengthening this relationship even further.”

“We are committed to the safety and security of the Overseas Territories. Having recently worked with regional partners on the response to Hurricane Dorian we have demonstrated both the depth of that commitment and value we place on our partnerships in the Caribbean.”

Initially, assistance from the UK is likely to take the form of logistical advice and support but will develop further to include operational training and equipment. The defence force will take part in disaster relief efforts in the area as well as working on regional security efforts.

The Defence Minister was also shown around the Cayman Island Junior Cadet Corps. The new regiment will create career options for cadets after they have graduated in areas such as dealing with extreme weather.

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