07 Jul 2017

Reserve Hub sails into Cardiff

A bespoke facility to house the Royal Navy Reserves has received planning permission from Cardiff Council.

The £11M Reserve Hub will provide a modern, 21st century training establishment, housing the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), Royal Marine Reserve (RMR) and the University Royal Naval Unit (URNU).

The project is designed to help meet the aspirations of the UK’s Reserves Forces for the next 50 years and will be delivered by the Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association for Wales (RFCA) in partnership with the Royal Navy and Associated British Ports (ABP), who have offered the Navy a long term lease on the waterfront site in Cardiff Bay.

The tendering procurement process is now underway and it is hoped construction will start in early 2018.

Design of the facility is being undertaken by ABP, working in close conjunction with RFCA and the Royal Navy. It will provide a suite of state-of-the-art training areas and classrooms, administrative services, social and fitness facilities and accommodation for three naval Units, the RNR Unit HMS Cambria, The Royal Marine Reserves Cardiff Detachment and the Wales URNU.

Access will also be provided to the Waterfront and docking facilities for visiting warships.

Commander Steve Fry, the Commanding Officer of HMS Cambria, the local RNR unit said: “We are very excited about this project. It is very fitting that this significant investment by the Royal Navy in Wales, which will provide great opportunities for our Reservists and for anyone wishing to be part of the Reserve Forces, gets the go ahead today on Reserves Day”. 

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said: “The Navy’s investment in this facility signals the UK Government’s commitment to preserving a strong military footprint in Wales.

“Reservists are playing an increasingly vital role in the Navy, often taking part in operations around the world.  Not only do they potentially risk their lives, they also play a crucial role in promoting a greater understanding of the Royal Navy and its work among the general public.

“I have no doubt that this new facility will attract the high-quality recruits we need to ensure that Wales’s distinguished contribution to the defence of the United Kingdom will continue.”

Image: © Crown Copyright.


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