24 Jul 2018

Research partnership visits Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre

The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre’s (DCDC) new research partners have paid a visit to the Shrivenham-based think tank to discuss their role in supporting the organisation.

The research institute, RAND Europe, formed the consortium, the Global Strategic Partnership, to respond to DCDC’s need for the provision of research and analysis support to the Strategic Analysis Team.

The visit gave DCDC personnel a chance to engage with the different members of the partnership and hear first-hand how their capabilities could inform and support future work.

Major General Mitch Mitchell, Director DCDC, used the opportunity to encourage DCDC staff to consider the capabilities available to them through the GSP and how they could exploit them in their projects.

The consortium includes the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) and the University of Exeter, spearheaded by the Strategy and Security Institute.

It also has access to organisations and individuals providing specific subject matter and analytical expertise such as QinetiQ; Newman and Spurr Consultancy (NSC); Aleph Insights; Simplexity Analysis; and Professor Sir Huw Strachan.

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