20 Nov 2017

Raytheon wins contract for US Navy’s new range support aircraft

Raytheon has been awarded a $79 million contract to develop a new advanced telemetry system for the US Navy’s Range Support Aircraft.

The high-tech plane will replace the Navy’s aging telemetry test aircraft, which has been in service since the 1970s.

Based within the Gulfstream G550 airborne early warning airframe, Raytheon’s advanced telemetry system for the new aircraft will offer multi-role capabilities in telemetry data collection, range safety and surveillance, and communications relay.

Todd Callahan, Raytheon Naval and Area Mission Defense Vice President explained the step-change in technology: “It’s like replacing your old eight-track tapes with streaming digital music – there’s simply no comparison.

“Our new Range Support Aircraft will use the latest technology to support advanced weapons testing and other missions for the next 25 years.”

Once operational, the Range Support Aircraft will collect and process telemetry data from missiles, aircraft, UAVs and ships.

Raytheon will perform system design, fabrication and aircraft integration. Once integration is complete, the company will conduct flight testing, training and mission operations with the Navy team before delivering the much-needed range support asset.

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