19 Sep 2017

Raytheon secures Tomahawk cruise missile enhancement deal

The US Navy has awarded Raytheon a $119 million contract to begin the integration of a new multi-mode seeker into the Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile, which will enable the weapon to engage moving maritime targets.

The US Navy is conducting the new seeker development as a Rapid Deployment Capability programme to meet urgent fleet requirements for defeating emerging maritime threats worldwide.

Capt. Mark Johnson, Tomahawk Programme Manager at US Naval Air Systems Command said:” “The US Navy and Raytheon are working closely together to further enhance this modern missile, keeping Tomahawk in the fleet for decades to come.

“No other weapon on earth can match this cruise missile’s capability. Proven thousands of times in combat, Tomahawk is the nation’s weapon of choice.”

Launched from ships or submarines, the Tomahawk missile can fly into heavily defended airspace 1,000 statute miles away to conduct precise strikes on high-value targets with minimal collateral damage.

Dave Adams, Raytheon Tomahawk Programme Director: “Tomahawk’s new multi-mode seeker will add even more capability to this already advanced missile.

“Tomahawk is second to none in destroying stationary land targets, and soon the weapon will defeat moving maritime targets. Enemy vessels at sea will not elude Tomahawk.”

Raytheon is expected to deliver this new capability by 2022.

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