28 Mar 2018

RAF Typhoon jets take to the skies for Exercise Iniochos

Typhoon jets based at RAF Coningsby have taken to the skies to join one of Europe’s biggest ever military exercises with a view to strengthening NATO’s response to aggression.

In total, six Typhoon jets – all part of the Lincolnshire-based 3 (Fighter) Squadron – have made the trip to Greece to test their metal alongside the Hellenic Air Force and pilots from America, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Somewhat surprisingly, this marks the Royal Air Force’s first appearance at Exercise Iniochos.

As for the Typhoon pilots themselves, they are currently honing their air tactics in a multinational environment to prepare for future coalition operations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

According to UK Detachment Commander Wing Commander Lewis Cunningham: “This is the first time that Typhoon has deployed to Greece. This exercise offers us a great opportunity to prepare for future operations and strengthens our existing relationship with the Greek Armed Forces.”

Exercise Iniochos is an annual event taking place at a Hellenic Air Force facility at the Air Tactics Centre on Andravida Air Base, situated in the Northwest Peloponnese.

The exercise will last 15 days, the intention being to provide high quality training by simulating a realistic battle environment. Those personnel taking part will be exposed to an intensive battle rhythm with realistic attrition rates and challenging scenarios, including multiple modern threats and real-time events tailored to produce the fog of war.

All of this will put the pilots through their physical and psychological paces.

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