27 Apr 2017

RAF Engineering Competition

The RAF has launched its first ever Engineering Competition, designed to encourage more interest in the area from across the Whole Force.

Using 2018 The National Year of The Engineer to inspire people of all ages to get involved in STEM subjects, there are two competitions over an 18-month challenge period with cash prizes.

Running in parallel, there is a Senior Competition and a separate Youth Engagement Competition. The Senior Competition is open to: all RAF personnel across all trades and branches; the Whole Force & Joint participants in teams comprising a majority of RAF personnel; the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS); and University Air Squadrons (UAS). The Youth Engagement Competition is open to: RAF Air Cadets including CCF(RAF), Air Scouts and the Girls Venture Corps.

The Competition is aligned with the RAF’s Strategic Objectives of Building a Workforce Fit for the Future and Delivering the Next Generation Air Force Capability. It will also Embrace ‘Thinking to Win’ (T2W) through innovation in engineering and deliver activities that help to Promote Women into Science and Engineering (WISE) whilst retaining and attracting RAF personnel in STEM roles.

The competition has a broad spectrum, promoting innovation, ingenuity and T2W and entries can be submitted against four themes:

  • Royal Air Force – the next 100 years.
  • Size, weight and power.
  • Height, reach, speed and endurance.
  • The Information Age.

Phase I of the competition will see teams register their interest, submit a concept and rough outline design. Following judging selection, Phase II will see 30 finalist teams given £3,000 to aid concept refinement and production of a prototype.

With a pool of industry mentors, teams will have support through the stages, with the overall Competition culminating with a finale event in Autumn 2018.

To view the rules, FAQs and promotional material visit the Competition website here

Teams need to Register by 1 Aug 17, with concept entries submitted by e-mail by 1 Oct 17. The outcome of Phase 1 judging will be announced in Nov 17.


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