02 Aug 2019

RAF Chinook used to tackle Derbyshire reservoir flood

RAF Chinook has been assisting authorities in Derbyshire working to stop the reservoir flood emergency.

The Chinook helicopter has been dropping aggregate into Todbrook to reduce the impact of the reservoir flood. After heavy rain, the Whaley Bridge dam has collapsed leading to an evacuation of homes in the surrounding area.

Chinook has dropped 150 tonnes so far of sand, stone, and gravel to reduce the flow of water into the reservoir and surrounding watercourses. The Chinook’s crew were also accompanied by a joint helicopter support squadron deployed from RAF Benson and an RAF Regional Liaison Support Officer.

Mark Lancaster, Minister for the Armed Forces, said: “The Armed Forces continues to support local authorities in tackling the flooding we have seen across many parts of the UK.”

“The rapid response of the RAF in deploying a Chinook helicopter will provide extra support in Derbyshire and we stand ready to assist in any way required.”

RAF Liaison Officer at the scene, Wing Commander Gary Lane, said: “Once the call from the civilian authorities came, we rapidly deployed an RAF Chinook and support crews to provide this vital support. We will continue to use the skills of our highly trained air and groundcrew and the astonishing lift capability of the Chinook to assist in ensuring the safety of the public.”

The support of the RAF was provided under the Military Aid to Civil Authorities (MACA) process. The Chinook helicopter will continue to drop the aggregate into the water throughout the day to prevent further disruption to the surrounding area.

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