06 Jul 2017

QinetiQ upgrades MOD Hebrides air range

December 2016 saw QinetiQ awarded a £1Bn contract amendment to the LTPA from the UK Ministry of Defence. The contract saw QinetiQ agree to invest £108M in modernising facilities, equipment and operation of the air ranges at MOD Aberporth and MOD Hebrides

Under the agreement, MOD and QinetiQ have confirmed £16.8M will be invested in installing two new BAE Systems tracking radars at St Kilda and the upgrade of two existing radars at MOD Hebrides.

The investment is part of QinetiQ’s strategy to modernise UK test and evaluation, with the tracking radars providing data and safety monitoring at the range for experimentation, evaluation, demonstration and rehearsal of military capability.

The modernisation of MOD Aberporth and MOD Hebrides will help reduce the overall operating costs of the ranges ensuring they remain competitive and have the capabilities required to support UK defence, defence exports and attract international customers, building on the success of the At Sea Demonstration 2015 and Unmanned Warrior 2016.

Cathy O’Carroll, QinetiQ Group Director Test & Evaluation said: “The modernisation of UK test and evaluation is a key part of our strategy for future growth. Working with the UK MoD we want to ensure that we are able to deliver air ranges that are relevant and competitive for the UK Armed Forces as well as government and industry customers around the world. These new radars will provide a step change in what we are able to deliver for our customers and ensure that the UK MoD are getting real value for money. MOD Hebrides is a key range for the UK which has helped to deliver significant and ground breaking demonstrations, such as Unmanned Warrior. These new radars will help ensure that more complex work can be carried out at the range.”

Mark Keeler, acting president of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector, said: “BAE Systems is pleased to continue our long partnership with QinetiQ and the UK test ranges by providing the latest in technology for instrumentation tracking radars.” 

Richard Smart, Director Weapons at the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support organisation said: “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with industry in delivering modern air tracking radars in support of test and evaluation conducted for the UK Armed Forces. Using the latest technology, this equipment will help ensure our ranges have the capabilities required to meet current and future defence demands.”


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