01 Feb 2018

QinetiQ to lead maritime R&D initiative of behalf of the MOD

QinetiQ has announced a collaborative new enterprise designed to make things easier for industry and academia to conduct maritime R&D on behalf of the MOD.

As part of the Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) awarded Progeny Maritime Research Framework contract, QinetiQ will oversee a community of innovators, each of whom will contribute their ideas to the UK maritime science and technology melting pot.

Crucially, this community will be open to any and all industry players, academic institutions or small and medium-sized enterprises with a product or service that has maritime defence applications. And the invite extends not only to industry stalwarts but also those organisations that typically work outside the defence sector.

According to the Dstl, up to £25M is to be made available to the community each year over a four year period. QinetiQ will manage the procurement process on the laboratory’s behalf to ensure value for money and a policy of fair, open and efficient competition.

“The UK Government, as part of its refreshed industrial strategy, has committed to making it easier to do business with the MOD,” said Karen Fryatt, Senior Campaign Manager Research and Experimentation at QinetiQ. “The framework supports this objective by providing a streamlined route into defence for suppliers, including those with little or no prior exposure to the industry.

“By making contracts more accessible to suppliers from different backgrounds, the MOD will increase its exposure to ideas that challenge conventional thinking. This will ultimately lead to better and more cost-effective solutions, which will enhance sovereign capability and generate new export opportunities.”

Elizabeth Harris, Senior Responsible Owner for the Progeny Framework within Dstl added: “Dstl are delighted to have a new framework that will enable the best ideas from across the supplier base to be brought together to deliver Maritime research for Government.

“We are looking forward to a vibrant community that challenges our thinking and delivers innovative and cost effective solutions that can be exploited by our Armed Services.”

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