07 Feb 2019

QinetiQ North America secures TALON support contract

QinetiQ North America has been awarded a contract worth $90 Million to support the overall sustainment actions of the Tactical Adaptable Light Ordnance Neutralization (TALON) family of robotic systems for the US Army.

The agreement, which will run until December 16th 2023, will see QinetiQ deliver on-going maintenance, upgrades and servicing of the Army’s existing, fielded fleet of TALON robots.

The US and their allies now deploy over 4,000 TALON robots around the world. Their primary role is to assist military personnel with detecting and disabling roadside bombs or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) planted by hostile forces to attack troops. TALON robots have been used in more than 80,000 counter-IED missions to date.

The contract was awarded by the US Army Contracting Command Warren on behalf of PM Force Projection’s Robotic Logistics Support Center (RLSC), which provides fielded robotics hardware across the operational spectrum.

Jeff Yorsz, President and CEO of QinetiQ North America, said: “We are proud that TALON continues to be recognised as a robot that is vital to the US military for EOD and counter-IED missions because of its combat proven ruggedness, ease of use, advanced flexible architecture and reliability.

“Helping to keep US Soldiers and Marines safe is what drives us and we continue to maintain and improve the TALON product line in support of that goal.”

image © QinetiQ

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